Add file url to API (page.php)

I’m tweaking the API a bit, and I would like to return the file URL (not .txt) “attached” to page.

Here is what I tried:

   'fileLink' => function (Page $page){
        return $page->file();

I’m trying to display it here


but for some reason it returns

“message”: “Maximum function nesting level of ‘256’ reached, aborting!”,

Is there a way to get the file at this level?


Just for info,
a page under home called “myaudio” has a file attached called “coolaudio.mp3”.
If I add the “hasFiles” call to the API it shows “true”, now I want to return the file url at the same level
(hope it’s clear enough haha)

Not really :wink:

What is this? a page method? I’m missing the context of this bit of code.

What I think you might want to achieve is show file URLs which do not link to the media folder but keep the content folder in the URL? :thinking:

ooops, my bad haha

The page.php I’m talking about is under


The bit of code I’m trying to add is placed under


  • Page
    return [
    ‘fields’ => [

So basically I’m trying to add this new property the same way we are calling

‘id’ => function (Page $page) {
return $page->id();

I’m trying to show the file URLs indeed, I don’t really mind if it’s under the media folder or not, it’s mostly to return the media URL without having to do a second API call.

To give a bit more context, I have created a new page here


and added a mp3 file with it


I’m trying to display the mp3 URL when doing the API call:


Hope it’s a bit clearer? :smiley:

So you are actually trying to modify Kirby’s source code? Doesn’t sound like a great idea.

If you want to treat the audio file as a child of the home page, it should rather be a virtual subpage of this page, define in the home page’s page model.

the problem is that it will still require to do a second API call which is going to make things more complicated for our purpose.

Do you know if it’s possible to write our own API calls without modifying the source code?


That would be handy to add additional returned object to the default api call made by kirby!

I have a case where I would need my api call to return images datas such as the alts and captions. And the current api model by Kirby does not do it! :confused:

These fields

How can I add them to the default api response made by kirby ?