Add a note/help message inside a blueprint

Hi - I changed the blueprint of the files field (site/blueprints/files/default.yml)
and I want some fields in it to be shown only in a specific page… is it possible?

In case that this isn’t possible - I wish to add some kind of a note or a help message before a specific section… Is this possible?

Any other suggestion are welcomed.
thanks a lot!

Does this page have its own blueprint? Asking because you can assign file blueprints to each files field definition. Files | Kirby CMS

You can use an info field to add information to a page:


I’m not sure how to use it, I want to be able to upload files in all pages. But In a specific page I want to be able to add caption and some other fields, this is the default.yml I’ve edited:

    type: writer
    label: Top Indent (%)
    type: number
    width: 1/4
    label: Bottom Indent (%)
    type: number
    width: 1/4
    label: Left Indent (%)
    type: number
    width: 1/4
    label: Right Indent (%)
    type: number
    width: 1/4

Now I can see these options in all the files in all te pages - But I would ike these fields to be revealed only in a specific page… make sense?

(this is how the file panel looks)

I ask my question again a bit differently: Does the page where you want different fields for the files have the same page blueprint as the other pages? And if yes: Please post the blueprint of this page.

Oh - now I understand
no - both files fields are under the same blueprint - one of them I want to use in a different page though. poosible?

If all pages use the same page blueprint, then you cannot assign a different file blueprint to the files field, because all pages then use the same setup.

You can give that specific page a different page blueprint and then set another file blueprint in its files field.

I see - thanks!