Accessing page with status DRAFT and its fields from config

Is it possible to access a page with status draft, and its fields, from config ?

For example, in config.php this code…

page(/*page id*/)->myfield()

…results in a method called on null error, as I assume the page does not exist and cannot be accessed with page().

Is it possible to access the page’s field while the page is in draft?

Thank you The page() helper fetches published pages only. To fetch a draft, you have to use $kirby->page('somepage') .

In what sort of context are you trying to get the page in the config? In a route?

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Great, thank you.

And yes, in the context of a route is that I want to get the page. Why do you ask ?

Thanks again

Just making sure you are not trying to call kirby() in config out of allowed contexts.

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