Access meta information in routing

How can I access meta information about a page from using routes?
I’ve tried to use page('pagename')->meta() without any luck

What is meta supposed to be? Is that a field in your content file? There is no native meta() method in the page class that I’m aware of.

My bad for bad explanation.
By meta I mean the fields in the content.

If I create a field named price in the blueprint, I could access it in templates with $page->price(), but how can I access that in routes?

Strange that it does not work, because it should. I did a brief test with this silly route:

    'pattern' => 'test',
    'action' => function() {
      echo page('some-page')->title();

and it prints the page title alright.

    "pattern" => "hello",
    "method" => "GET",
    "action" => function() {
        echo site("booking")->title();
        echo site("booking")->text();

When I call the hello page, I can only see the title, not text

You are using site() instead of page(), maybe a typo? :slight_smile:

Oh, would you look at that :joy:
If I just used page() it works. Thanks guys :100: