Access Layoutfield object in page hook

Ok this is a long shot, but here goes.
I am trying to modify the translated layout plugin from Daandelange.
The plugin extends the LayoutField class:

class TranslatedLayoutField extends LayoutField {...

$this in this context refers to a “field object”:

        0 => 
            0 => '1/1'
        1 =>
            0 => '1/2'
            1 => '1/2'
    settings: null
    blocks: null
        field: null...

I need to hook into page.update.after and call a function of the TranslatedLayoutField class, the function requires the “field object” as the second argument, but I don’t know how to access the same “field object” in the context of a hook.

'page.update:after' => function (Kirby\Cms\Page $newPage) {
    $layout = $newPage->content('en')->layout()->value();
    $field = $newPage->blueprint()->field('layout'); <---- HOW TO CALL FIELD OBJECT??
    $newLayout = TranslatedLayoutField::setTranslatedLayout($layout, $field, $newPage);

Some of my terminology is probably wrong, I don’t know if it’s called a “field object”…

Ok, I found the solution using Field::factory.