Access file(s) content within a block component

Hi there,

I’m extending the image block and want to access the image content. My images have a focus field and I want to use the values directly in my vue component for styling reasons (object fit images). Unfortunately the object of the image doesn’t provide the content fields. I got an object like this with the files field:

1. dragText: (...)
2. filename: (...)
3. icon: (...)
4. id: (...)
5. image: (...)
6. info: (...)
7. link: (...)
8. text: (...)
9. type: "image"
10. url: (...)
11. uuid: (...)

Is there a way to access the content of the file(s)?

You would have to fetch the image via the API to access the content, example see

That’s a really good example. Thanks @pixelijn!