Access content of blueprint field in index.js

How can I access the content of a field in my blueprint in the index.js of a field plugin? Please provide complete code for index.php and index.js. This is not clear from the docs.

In index.php the $this object doesn’t seem to contain any information about the rest of the blueprint and its field contents…

Background: I have a structure field which – apart from showing it in the “normal” way Kirby provides – I want to show in a different way in another place in the same blueprint.

You have access to the complete form content through the content store:

@texnixe thanks for your response! This is so valuable and at the same time completely underrepresented in the docs. This should be linked in the developing plugins guide very prominently as this solves imho many problems in K3 which could be achieved through form fields plugins in K2.

@texnixe I think it would be valuable to add your link and some explanation to the new recipe.