About collection caching and cache clearing

I used Kirby Cache driver now. I was guessing that Kirby caching collections not pages. I am disappointed. I was expecting collections cache like database query cache. I dont want to cache page, only collections. Page cache well but collection cache should be included also. Possible that?

Q: Why collection cache?
A: I think, collections most important from static pages because of collections filtering, sorting, finding and so much more slowdown. For example: i have skills collection and i am using this collection different pages. When skills are changed, i have forced to clear all pages. If collections cache feature exists, clear only the collection.

Another question that if collection cache is not possible. How can i clear specific page/pages cache?

Any ideas? What do you think?

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I am afraid, I just do not get what exactly you mean with all of this. If you change one page, the whole cache is flushed anyway.

I think what @ahmetbora means is: He does NOT want to clear the whole cache if a page is changed, but only the bit of the cache (the collection or collections) that contains the modified page.

Ah okay. The problem I see is that other pages still could reference the updated page. For example, we have home, reviews (as a sibling to home) and review-a (as a child of reviews). Now we edit review-a to correct our movie score we just gave yesterday when we had a drink too much. We realized “The Revenant” is actually not that good.

When we now update this, with the suggested collections-only cached flushing only review-a and reviews would get flushed.

But we actually do have a little info box on home showing our latest reviews in a short summary. By directly referencing other pages:

<?= page('reviews')->children()->first()->score() ?>

Since Kirby cannot be aware of this, home would not be updated and would still show our naive rating which praises Leo way too much for his probably academy-awarded role. We do not want that.

So that’s why I think there is no really save alternative to flushing the whole cache on any change. Other thoughts?

p.s. excuse my way too specific example.


For example with sql on another systems.

Current is cache of views (pages) with hmtl.

Expected is only cache of sql query results (collections)

Kirby 1 had a separate option to enable/disable HTML cache so that only the data would get cached. Does anyone know what happened to that? @distantnative

Nope, I wasn’t really engaged in Kirby 1, only got to know it better when Kirby 2 came along.