403 error for tag-pages

I get an access error page when trying to open tag pages of my Kirby blog, running on locale xmpp server. Guess it’s more about apache config, but maybe someone here can help me?

You would need to provide a lil more info: what is your page structure, the URL where it crashes, any specific configs (e.g. routing), htaccess?

I have the same problem. tag-pages and “next page” don’t work.

Access forbidden, 403

The directories I tried to run the blog are:
(a redirected webdev directory) and also in the root C:\xampp\htdocs\

Edit: On Win 7 64bit. I changed the read/write properties of the folders and files.

As @distantnative already mentioned, you need to provide the sort of information listed above, otherwise its all just guesswork.

It as if you said, well, my car broke down, and all we can do is send a tow truck, because it could be you ran out of fuel, or got a flat tire, or its something with the electronics.

I gladly give more information (as a newbie I can only add 2 links and no screenshots):

  • Directory of installation: C:\xampp\htdocs\

  • Page structure: As is from kirby and baseblog

  • Set read/write properties of the folders and files

  • No specific configs:
    c::set(‘subfolder’, false);
    c::set(‘home’, ‘blog’);

  • htaccess is kirby default file

Error 1

  • The URL where it crashes: localhost/
  • Clickiing on button “older posts” gets URI: localhost/page:2
  • Access forbidden, 403

Error 2

  • The URL where it crashes: localhost/blog/a-sample-text-post

  • Clicking on tag photography in Blog post gets URI: localhost/tag:photography

  • Access forbidden, 403