3.6 install locally offline not recognizing php version, even though it is 8.1.0

Hi all,

my setup was working a few days ago, then homebrew did something weird and I temporarily could not reach localhost. After reinstalling httpd and checking the config files I am able to reach it again but now Kirby says my php version is not sufficient, even though it should be. I added a phpinfo call to the view.php (see screenshot)

Question is: can anybody tell me how and where to debug this further? Same installation is working fine on my remote stage, so probably something happened due to the local environmental hickups but currently I’m out of ideas where to look. By the way, the message also appears on a brand new setup through composer with kirby starterkit. I’d really appreciate any hint :slight_smile:

Kirby isn’t yet compatible with 8.1 so you need to downgrade to 8.0 to make it work again. 8.1 support seems to be in development right now and will probably come soon as patch release.

Of course! :man_facepalming: I missed the obvious. Thanks a lot @helloanselm for pointing it out. I’ll be downgrading tonight…

Downgrading worked out as expected and I think I know why it happened in the first place: while re-installing Composer via homebrew it installs php 8.1 as an dependency.