Wrong orientation of images (Portrait/Landscape) after upload

Hi, I was already trying to set the autoOrient option ‘true’. Weirdly, this function rotates the image into its correct orientation, but squeezes/resizes it back into the landscape format.

So, now it gets complicated. The portrait image is oriented wrong like 800 x 600 (in 90° wrong orientation). The autoOrient seems to rotate it correctly by 90° into 600 x 800, BUT squeezes the height to 600 and stretches the width to 800. It ends up 800 x 600 (correctly oriented portrait, squeezed into landscape.

Is there probably any fix for this?

Here my image Converter settings:

'url' => $fileurl,
'root' => $filedir,
'width' => 1280,
'height' => 1440,
'upscale' => false,
'quality' => $resized_quality,
'filename' => '{name}_bah.{extension}',
'autoOrient' => true,

Image Converter Plugin