Why the giant gap with headline field?

I tried the headline field and wonder, why is it a giant gap between the headline and the field? I understand that it needs to be a separation between the blocks but doesn’t it feel too big?

(I know I could fix it with a panel.css file)

Well, some people love whitespace …:wink:

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Yeah I wondered the same and include a 1.5 em margin instead of the original 5 or 6 em in most projects !

It’s a question of taste surely, but it doesn’t seem to respect any typographic ratios I’ve seen. I’m no expert here :slight_smile:


I added it here:

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I tested your suggestion with 1.5em and I think it looks much better. It still has a gap on top of the headline which makes the gap x2 compared to other fields.

(Pssst. I’m building a new secret plugin for the headline field. It’s probably done after lunch today)

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