Which PHP version?

I’ve just uploaded my website to a live server. At first it wasn’t working so I searched and found that may be its incompatible PHP issue so I checked the server settings and PHP was set to 5.6. I changed it to 7.0 and immediately the site is working. There are 3 PHP 7.0 though, which one should I select?

Just test what works, it tells you what the differences are…

Thanks. I tried them all and all works. I have limited knowledge with PHP and servers so I can’t really understand the differences.

It depends on how exactly the options are implemented under the hood. But generally I’d choose FastCGI. suPHP is no longer maintained.

It does say they are all betas though, I would make sure it’s the official, stable release and not an early version, which might have some issues.

It’s probably a beta in the sense “the hosting provider hasn’t properly tested it yet”, not in the sense “it’s a PHP 7.0 beta release”. Which is a shame given that PHP 5.6 (the version before 7.0) will be dropped from security support this December and PHP 7.0 is already out for almost three years.

@sicnarf Probably you should switch to a different hosting provider after all.

I went with the PHP 7.0 FastCGI as you’ve recommended above. The website works. After all, it’s just a brochure type of site.

I will have to check on switching to other provider as our company email is hosted on the provider. Not sure how easy it is or how long it takes to move to a different provider.

You could also leave the mail where it is and only move the website if you run into issues. These things don’t have to be on the same server. I usually host my client websites on a different server to where they want to keep their mail.

It could just be that they haven’t bothered to update the information, but they have been updating PHP. I imagine they wrote that when they first installed it on the platform.

As @texnixe says, most hosts provide email only hosting so you could probably switch hosts for the site, and a pay a cheaper plan to leave the email where it is.

FYI, we’re hosted on Bluehost. May be some users here are as well.