What the best way to make this page panel-friendly?

Hey all,

I’m currently setting up a “resources” page on my site.

How do you suggest I make this page panel-friendly?

I’d probably use subpages for the categories and a structure field for each entry.

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I’m coding a site with a similar content (a list of resources divided by argument) and I’m doing something similar to what @texnixe has proposed. But I used sub-sub-pages and not a structured field mainly because who knows if some day I might need a distinct url and page for each entry.

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@manuelmoreale is right. It really depends on your requirements. Even if you don’t need an extra URL, if the number of entries in each category is likely to grow beyond a reasonable number, or if you need to add a lot of content, that would be easier to handle in subpages than in a structure field.

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