What html generators exist?

I read here: http://getkirby.com/blog/sneak-peek about some html generators. Are that all generators also in the actual Kirby version existent?
I tried to use the echo html::favicon(‘favicon.ico’); but I get only an undefined method. In the actual doc I can’t find it also.


Actually there’s only native support for a and img, but you can use any other tag using html::tag() (like, in this case, link).
See the documentation of the Html class and of the html::tag() method.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t make sense for static tags that don’t get generated by code but by you. Simply writing the HTML by hand is much easier. :wink:

Thanks Lukas.
Actually this question comes up as I found this blogarticle after I searched for favicon and Kirby, because I thought it have to exist the same constructor like for css or js files.

Having something automatic for favicons would probably be more complicated than using simple HTML code. :smiley:

Just to make sure you know this: There’s url('favicon.ico'), which returns the fully qualified URL to the file given a relative filename (works just like css()/js()).