What does default language mean?


One more question re. multilingual websites:
Does “default language” mean that every page has to be available in that default language?
Or can I have a mixed site, where some pages are in English, some in German and others in Dutch?
If I want to have a mixed site, would it be better to disable the multilingual feature in Kirby?

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If you use the Panel, it will always create a content file in the default language. Also, translations (i.e. non-default languages) will fall back to the default content for non-existing translations.

That would only make sense if non of the pages will have translations.

You can see the default behavior here, where only the home page has (m)any translations, while all the other pages only have the default language content, so in all languages all other pages fall back to English content: https://www.worldbackupday.com

Hmm, some pages will have translations and some won’t. So I suppose I go ahead with the multilingual features of Kirby. The only problem is to exclude the non-translated pages in the default language, because the content was written in one of the secondary languages.

Any idea how to tackle that?

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See answer in your other thread:

Will do!

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