What are some ways to make the panel more Client-friendly?

Hey guys,

What are some plugins/modifications you suggest to make the panel even easier to use for clients?

I used to create a lot of wordpress themes for clients but 1) Themes took too long to develop and 2) Clients never really blogged anyway.

There are two great lists where you can find plugins for your use-cases:

Please note though that every plugin you add needs to be updated and maintained. Only install plugins that are actually useful to your client.


Before you start thinking about adding plugins, I think it is important to think about the structure of your content. Then translate the structure into modules and forms (blueprints) that are well structured, so that it is easy for clients to add content (e.g. add headlines, help texts, placeholders etc.).

Only if all that is done and there is still a need to improve the experience, would I start thinking about the use of plugins or even modifying the source code, because both plugins and source code modifications come at a price, as already outlined by @lukasbestle.

As regards the choice of plugins to use, that really depends on your use case. I recommend checking if the plugin you consider seems to be well maintained by the developer and if in doubt, contact her/him.