Web Design and Texter

I hope this is the right place for this.

We are setting up a new website with Kirby3 and the Zero One theme.

We have a coder, but we are looking for a web designer and texter. You should be fluent in German and English. You will get images and some text snippets and examples and will use them to set up the site. It is a commercial site. We aim at a one pager, but there might be some extra pages (eg. about us…). You should be familiar with SEO, eg search for the right words to use. Best case scenario you will also oversee our add campaigns once the site is ready.

I need a fixed price, which is certainly negotiable. A starter for negotiation.

I prefer to work with an individual, not an agency.

Individuals interested should show some examples of your work (please verify that it is actually your work).