Visible and invisible pages

Recently I needed to sort invisible pages.
There are some different ways to handle this but they all feel kind of hacky or add unnecessary bloat.

I suggest a different naming convention for visible and invisible pages.

Visible pages

The order for a folder should be seperated with a _.


Invisible pages

Folders starting with a _ are invisible. No matter if they have a order or not.


Or when you need to sort those pages.


Another benefit would be to have invisible pages like _03-whatever. Currently not possible.

By checking the filename for any underscores it would be possible to detect if a folder uses the current or this naming convention. So not all sites would break when kirby gets updated.

There was a similar Topic a year ago or so but i was not able to find it yet.

Cheers Lukas

Found it. The topic was different than expected :wink: