Validation problems

Hi there,

sorry for the massive questions today, but I upgrade my personal “PlainKIT” to K3 to use in Future. I have found a small problem for me with the Validation … this is my field:

    label: Autoplay Timeout
    type: number
    step: 100
    min: 1000
    max: 10000
    default: 3000
    width: 1/2
    after: ms

But every time I want to save I get a error message …?

Which Kirby Version are you currently using?

3.0.2 … downloaded today! The Blueprint is a extended one, but also tested as regular Blueprint and also not working

Edit: problem only appears when min is greater then 999. Seems to be a bug. Should I open an Issue?

I have the same problem here!

plz: label: PLZ type: number placeholder: 1234 min: 1000 max: 9999

PLZ Bitte gib einen Wert ein, der nicht kleiner als 1000 ist

I just tested with 3.0.3 rc-1 and it works, looks as if this has already been fixed. Could you please check this out before creating an issue.

Not sure where I can download this … :frowning:

Then replace the kirby folder in your project with the renamed folder from the download.

Edit: yes you’re right, the Bug seems to be fixed :slight_smile: