Validate a title when we create a page?

I know I can validate a title field, so it’s checked when a page is edited in the Panel.
But when a page is created from a parent page with the “Add page” button, no validation is applied to the title.

  • a page with a “incorrect” name (at least for the validator) can be created
  • then users edit the content and save, they’ll be told the title is incorrect and will have to change it, even though the Panel didn’t initially complain
  • the slug is generated from the title they first entered, so it may be “wrong” too. If users are not allowed to modify the slug, they won’t be able to fix it.

Not sure if it should be considered an issue, or as a by-design behavior?

My use case is a conference website. Users are able to create a new edition once a year, so it seemed logical and easy to name them by their year. But I can’t make sure they actually enter a valid year when the page is created: at that point, no help: is displayed.

An easy way around is to use a year field separate from the title, but then they still need to enter some title, and these “editions” don’t really have any.

It’s funny that someone else had the same problem yesterday. I don’t think this is really a bug but it is definitely a missing feature because validation there would be great. :slight_smile:

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Haha, great minds… :wink:
Another side issue is that even if the title has a different label in the Blueprint –“Year” in my case– in the page creation popup the placeholder is still “Title”. I guess at that point the blueprint isn’t even read yet.

Yes, the fields from the blueprint are not considered in the modal. The reason is that the user can still select between different blueprints in the modal so respecting the child blueprint would require a request if the template selector is changed.

Now that I think about it, the same issue has already been reported here with the same conclusion by me.