Using query-Syntax in k-fieldset (custom panel view)

I wonder if it is possible to use the query-Syntax which is used in blueprints for custom k-fieldsets, in my case in a panel view:

<k-fieldset v-model="contact" @input="input" :fields="{
            subjects: {
                label: 'Fächer',
                type: 'multiselect',
                required: true,
                options: 'query',
                query: site.index.filterBy('intendedTemplate','fach')

It is not working at the moment so I think I will have to get the data via a custom method. How would that work? Thank you for your help!

No, you can’t use query language like that.

Jep, I realized it and am now using the api. Would have been just a nice way to use the same code at both ends.