Use fiber outside the panel

Are there any plans to release fiber as an npm package and maybe providing a cookbook on how to build websites with it? The kirby inertia plugin hasn’t been updated for a while and since fiber is tailored to kirby it would be the perfect choice to build SPAs without an API.

imho the additional burden of packaging fiber and kirby separately makes this kind of unfeasible. That would be like having now 2 products instead of 1, and they would need to be interoperable. Integration hell starts there, I think. Especially because it seems to be so tightly coupled with the rest of the panel.
I wouldn’t wait for this.
But that is just my opinion as a user. :slight_smile:

i think @arnoson has a valid point for asking. lots of frameworks split their codebase into well defined standalone packages be it for npm or composer.
but i would second @rasteiner’s opinion that the core team build fiber with just the panel in mind and tried to keep the rest api as easy to use as possible.

Sure he does, that’s why I answered :slight_smile:

What I meant is that there doesn’t seem to be a single file in the /panel/src/fiber directory that looks like it could easily be decoupled from the rest of the panel. Decoupling that would add lots of glue code.
Publishing fiber separately would also mean defining a public API (and I don’t just mean network requests) that needs to be maintained and possibly have no breaking changes that would anger people. That’s a lot of additional restrictions put onto the kirby team for something that currently is a black box.

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