Update all pages automatically after new field with default text was added

I need to add a new field “Source” with a default text “No” to all pages with the template “entry” what is no problem, also to save the page in the panel . Since this concerns a lot of pages, is there a way to do the “Save Page” automatically instead of manually save every page new?

// Blueprint entry.yml
  label: Source
  type: text
  default: No

// Template entry.php
Source: <?= $page->source() ?>

Thanks a lot in advance !

You can do this programmatically, using $page->update().


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Perfect, thanks a lot !

FYI: I often adjust the template in such cases:

// Template entry.php
Source: <?= $page->source()->or("No") ?>

Thanks a lot @thguenther thats a nice way too ! Does or() stand for override ?

You can read more about the ->or() helper here: https://getkirby.com/docs/cheatsheet/field-methods/or
“Checks if the field is empty and returns an alternative value in this case”.

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Thank you, this seems very useful !