Uniform Plugin couldn't send form

Hello Kirby community,

I’ve installed the uniform plugin and it works fine until I try to send the form. I always get an error saying ‘There was an error sending the form: The email could not be sent’

I tried locally and on remote server as well.

This is what the associated controller looks like:

I much appreciate your help

By default, sending mail from localhost is disabled and you will have to enable it. On your remote server, you most probably have to enable sending mails as well, or use an external service.

Okay. Do you have any experiences with an external service?

Adding an external service is described here (this refers to the inbuilt Kirby email function, but the general procedure is the same)

For Uniform, you add the name of the service in the actions array, and your credentials (keys etc.) in the service-options, as described here.

Edit: You might also want to check your apache error logs to find out the reason why the mails are not being sent.