Uniform: ini_restore() has been disabled for security reasons


I’ve got an other question to the uniform plugin…
After i uploaded the site i’m working on to the server, i always get an error when i want to submit the form:
“Es ist ein Fehler beim Senden aufgetreten: ini_restore() has been disabled for security reasons”

Like in the Extended Example in the Documentation i want to send an email to the site owner, log the message and send a confirmation message to the user.

The mail to the owner get sent, but neither the log, nor nor the mail to the user happens…

Why could this happen? And why is it not happening on my localhost?
The website is hosted by Swisscom, if this matters. I can also send the link via pm.

Thanks for your help!

This is my controller:


use Uniform\Form;

return function ($site, $pages, $page)
    $form = new Form([
        'email' => [
            'rules' => ['required', 'email'],
            'message' => 'Geben sie eine gültige E-Mail-Adresse an',
        'telefon' => [
            'rules' => [],
        'name' => [
            'rules' => ['required'],
            'message' => 'Geben sie Ihren Namen an',
        'strasse' => [
            'rules' => [],
        'ort' => [
            'rules' => [],
        'message' => [
            'rules' => ['required'],
            'message' => 'Hinterlassen sie eine Nachricht',
        'datenschutz' => [
            'rules' => ['required'],
            'message' => 'Sie müssen die Datenschutzbestimmungen akzeptieren',

    if (r::is('POST')) {
                'to' => 'xxx',
                'from' => 'yyy',
                // Dynamically generate the subject with a template.
                'subject' => 'Neue Nachricht',
                'file' => kirby()->roots()->site().'/registrations.log',
                // Send the success email to the email address of the submitter.
                'to' => $form->data('email'),
                'from' => 'yyy',
                // Set replyTo manually, else it would be set to the value of 'email'.
                'replyTo' => 'xxx',
                'subject' => 'Kontakt',
                // Use a snippet for the email body (see below).
                'snippet' => 'emails/success',

    return compact('form');


Please double check the version of uniform is the same as the docs. I’ve noticed these can differ between versions.

I finally got rid of this error with the use of phpmailer, as suggestet here: https://github.com/mzur/kirby-uniform/issues/150