Unable to Upload Images & Files in Internet Explorer in Panel

After looking at size limitations in my php config (I made them huge just in case), I was able to confirm that in IE I am not able to upload certain images and files, but Chrome and Firefox seem to be able to fine.

There is no error code thrown, it just does not do anything after you select the file to upload.

One of the files in question was a 200kb PNG file. See it here https://socu.org/content/vehicles-homes/1-socu-owned-vehicles/new-harley-pics.png

Toolkit version: 2.3.1
Kirby version: 2.3.1
Panel version: 2.3.1

Which version of IE is that? Is there anything these files that don’t work have in common?

IE 11 and there really isn’t any correlation that I can find.

We had image upload issues with IE before. Could you please test with the current version from the develop branch to make sure this isn’t something we’ve already fixed?

Ok, I just updated to 2.4, no change that I can see.

Have you updated to the development branch of 2.4.0?

Excuse my ignorance here, but is that considered stable enough to push live?

It’s mainly bug fixes…

After testing further, I was able to find that it seems as if file names with dashes don’t want to upload in IE11 or Edge when uploading from Kirby.

I updated to the development branch with no change.

Using the dev tools on IE I was able to see the POST request get sent and accepted for filenames without dashes. Use dashes and no requests are generated.

Well I take back everything I said about dashes. It still won’t work.

Instead what I think it is, is that if you upload something then delete it, then try to reupload it it won’t work. If you change the name of the file it seems as if it will.

I’ll try to make some tests tomorrow to see if I can reproduce the issue.

@texnixe thanks - there is a possibility that this is just an IE issue as well.

I’m afraid I can’t currently test with IE, I’m in the middle of setting up a new system and don’t have my Virtual Boxes ready yet :frowning:

What is the OS your browser uses?
What is the OS your webserver uses?
What is your browser’s version? Any AddIns installed / activated?

I’ve tried on both IE 11 and Edge on both Windows 10 and Windows 7 Pro - Webserver is CentOS

Hi, guys. I am facing quite the same issue with file upload in IE11. It’s strange but when I hit upload button first time and select file(s), nothing happens, no error message. But second time, if I will choose different files (if I select same files, nothing happens again), eveything is uploaded correctly and you can continue to upload more files (still not that one from first try) without problem. No problem with dashes or anything in file names. But if you leave page and go back, same problem occurs - first time nothing, second time different files can be uploaded. Still, that file(s) which you selected first time, cannot be uploaded, like they’re ‘locked’ or something.

Hope you will understand. Did anyone face this strange situation? More info - drag & drop upload works just fine.

I just got round to testing this and yes, I can confirm that there are issues. Some files are uploaded, some others are not, with or without dashes, so that can’t be the problem.

There is nothing in the network tab when this happens so it seems the request is not even sent.

Edit: I created an issue on GitHub, seems to be IE 11 only.