Turning a kirby website into a mobile app

I know this question might be a little out off topic, but since the web is full of “from website 2 mobile app in just 3 click” (and some of those applications are Wordpress-centered), I wonder if any o you have experience about - well - automagically converting a site into a mobile app.

Tools (no code), apps, providers…


I am not sure if I understand exactly what you mean, but recently I noticed that displaying a website like a mobile app is just a matter of the right favicons, meta tags and a “manifest” file. Then, by opening the site in Safari on iOS for example, and selecting “add to homescreen”, the website appears on the device like any other app and will open without any browser UI. I found this article useful: https://web.dev/add-manifest/

@Adspectus No, I’m meaning a true mobile app.

For a vue.js app, there are already decent Kirby starter templates, just search for Kirby and Vue on GitHub!

Cordova is the framework that come to mind. Never really used them myself although I can remember that I tried some baby steps with Phonegap ages ago.