Toggle and/or option to hide the Panel sidebar

When editing a page in the panel there is a sidebar. It can be good for going to subpages and so on but sometimes it can be good to use the whole screen for the fields.

As far as I can see I can’t close it or hide it. Some toggle-switch would be great. It would also be great to set the default state of that sidebar, hidden or opened.

I don’t know if I necessarily agree with the qualm, but for your editing pleasure, you might add a bookmarklet that toggles the sidebar on and off:

javascript:var toggleSidebar=function(){$('.sidebar').toggle().parent().toggleClass('bars bars-with-sidebar-left');if($('.mainbar').width()!=window.innerWidth){$('.mainbar').css('width','100%')}else{$('.mainbar').css('width','')}}; toggleSidebar();

In Chrome, you can click on the bookmarks bar and select Add Page, then paste this into the URL field.

Edit: I take no responsibility for any damage or confusion this causes. :wink:

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