Thumbnails in Panel Directories

Fairly new to Kirby but am trying it out with a client who has a fairly extensive graphics/products/editorial portfolio. As such there are hundred of projects that have been entered into the cms. The client’s main complaint is that while in the panel, since here portfolio is quite visual, she’d prefer project thumbnails in addition to or instead of project titles in the sidebar directory. Is this possible to do?


I’m very new with Kirby as well, and I used this plugin:

Awesome. I saw that but wasn’t sure it was usable to display thumbnails within the left side panel. Is that how you are using it?

Yes you can display thumbnails where you want in your admin with simple or multiple selector, using blueprint. But very sorry, with my level of english and kirby experience, I’m not able to explain how to use it :frowning:
But plugin is very well done and documented, and if I was able to use it every body can :wink:
Or for sur someone more technical than me will help you to use it in forum.

Appreciate it! Your english is stellar, mate! Thanks

I don’t believe what you are trying to achieve here is possible with the Visual Selector field. After all, you are not looking for a field extension but you probably want thumbnails in front of the page file names, don’t you?

Yeah exactly. Since the projects are more image based than text, I was looking for a way to view the image instead OR in addition to the project title on the panel left-side bar so I could quickly access the project visually, if that makes sense.

Im just trying to pull the current associated linked project image 's thumbnail into the panel left-side bar to view all of the projects within a category visually using the thumbnail instead of OR in addition to project title.

There is no built-in way of handling this, you would have to modify the panel core files, I’m afraid which is not such a great idea because it makes updating the panel a chore. :pensive:

OK well appreciate the answer. I was definitely curious but will move on. Thanks.

I’ve been trying to think creatively about this to see if there was some workaround in making the panel experience a little more visual. Just curious if you can think of any other ways around this? SUggestions? Thanks a lot for your time anyhow.

There was a PR that has already made it into the dev branch that would at least allow you to specify a custom icon via blueprint, but that would be on a per-template basis, not for individual files. But it might be a compromise or a starting point?

Just my 2 cents: as far as I know, you can generate links to the panel from the frontend; so you could generate some sort of template for a hidden frontend overview with links to the panel editor – I’m not sure if you can filter recently changed pages like this?

It’s certainly a disruption to the regular dashboard and some work to build the UI but maybe helpful if you manage a lot of content.