The page is not writable

Dear forum,

I have my panel set up on my webserver and everything works well unless for this one page which says it is ‘not writable’. It is a text page of a project in the folder ‘texts’. On my webserver I can open this text file without a problem. It is filled in correctly. On the website I can read it too. Now I am wondering what I need to change in order for my client to be able to change this file in his panel. I have tried switching the read/write permissions on but that did not help…

Any other thoughts?

Please compare the file and directory permissions of that page with other pages. If the permissions are different, try changing them to match the other ones.

That’s what I already had done. All the permissions are the same, the acces to read and write is open for all three categories. The projects folder shows me everything in the panel so that is correct. however this one folder does not show anything. Could it be a blueprint problem?

I found it! I had to double click ‘apply to enclosed items’, apparently it had not applied it although the permissions were open…