The page is not writable on some pages

I have moved website to the new server and unfortunately I am getting "The page is not writable
" error message on some pages (Home). I have tried to change chmod to 644 as well as 755 to all files/folders to under site/ directory but with no result. Any idea how to fix that?

Have you really applied permissions down the road, i.e. to the complete tree?

Also, please check file/folder ownership, the files should be owned by the webserver uses, usually www-data.

Server (Apache) is running in chroot environment and all files/folders are owned by webdata.sftpusers user. Apache (www-data) is in sftpusers group. And what is odd here that only some of the pages have an issue.

Are there any differences regarding permissions/ownership between the pages that are writable and those that are not?

That is odd, but it only works if I set all files/folders to 777 in content/ It doesn’t work in case of 755/644.

If that is the case, then I’d assume that there’s something wrong with the ownership.

Ok, I have changed user and group running Apache server to match ownership of web content and that did the trick. Thanks.