Tag Field with Numbers Only (Javascript Error)


If using the Tag field with numbers only (eg. 2016,2015,2014,2013), when deleting a tag there’s a javascript error:

Uncaught TypeError: e.toLowerCase is not a function
    at HTMLSpanElement.<anonymous> (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:7262)
    at panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:2504
    at Function.grep (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:3136)
    at i (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:2503)
    at K.fn.init.filter (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:4048)
    at e.get (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:7261)
    at e.select (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:7267)
    at e.remove (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:7344)
    at HTMLElement.<anonymous> (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:7304)
    at HTMLElement.dispatch (panel.min.js?v=2.4.0:formatted:4727)

I traced it back to this function in panel.js:

// get an element by tag
this.get = function(tag) {
  return self.elements.filter(function(i, element) {
    return $(this).data('tag') == tag.toLowerCase();

But haven’t been able to figure out the solution yet.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Because of the front-end error, one can’t remove and then save a number tag.


This has been confirmed as an issue and a fix is available in the GitHub issue I’ve posted: