Symlink to element in Backend

Lets say I have a textarea element in my site blueprint in which some text is saved called “globalText”.

Is it somehow without an extra plugin possible to create a symlink to that specific textarea element on another page?

Something like this on the other page in the blueprint (pseudocode):

    type: textarea
    query: site.find.fields("globalText")

What do you want to achieve? You could set the default to some field, but defaults only work at page creation.

        type: textarea
        default: "{{site.globaltext}}"

Could you provide some more information please.

What my goal would be:

  1. Create an element on Site
  2. Create a element on different page
  3. Page element should automatically always have exactly the same contents as the element on site
  4. When updating the element on site it should also be updated on all pages

Im aware I could just create a snippet which takes the data from site and put that snippet on all my templates. But im using the Kirbypagebuilder so that option is kind of out the way, there is another solution I have in mind, but that would be quite unclean (Create a kirbybuilder element that has a text like (snippet: siteSnippet) by default, create a custom kirbytag to allow snippets in textfields, and that snippet would use the site data - But that would be quite messy and wouldnt look good in the Backend - especially not good if a client has to work with it)

So that you have the same text in every builder element of that specific type? That would be quite repetitive?

Not that every textarea everywhere has the same content (Only selected ones), but rather as you posted earlier:

    type: textarea
    default: "{{site.globaltext}}"

With the exception that the content of newtextfield will forever have the same content as the {{site.globaltext}}, not only on creation, but also when {{site.globaltext}} is updated later on.

For now I used my solution I mentioned earlier with the snippets.

It would be easy to achieve with a page model if that field was in a page. But I don’t get its purpose in the Builder context.

Is this a piece of content an editor should be able to include in a random position in a page?

Is this a piece of content an editor should be able to include in a random position in a page?

Yes this is exactly the intend. For now i’ve just created the Builder element and the associated snippet for it (which pulls the content from Site). So right now it is possible to include it anywhere.

But doing it this way does not allow the editor to see the Content of that builder element in the backend on the page where he adds it. He can only check the content of the element on Site. I guess it’s not really a problem, i was just wondering if there is a more elegant possibility.

If you use the preview snippet, you can also show the content of this site field.