Subrciber and entry list directory, frontend page creation

I am trying to create a seminar management system where lecturers can put in an event and subscriber can enroll this course by a form. My headache is where to put the entry list with all the customer data. In my opinion the data should not be located on a webserver where the data is at home for publishing.

There is a recipe in the → cookbook for creating pages from frontend. Here the subscriber is hidden behind a hashed slug. Is that okay or sufficiant? What is the best practice to store customer data?

Last question: can I create a pages field from frontend. Lets say, an event has more then one trainer and I have trainer page for every trainer?

For an extra layer of security you can store you data out of the web root (in case you have control over the server, not possible on shared hosting).

Yes, you have to yaml-encode an array of trainers.

$trainers = [

Data::encode($trainers, 'yaml');
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Ah, super, thank you!