Subpage builder : predefine titles for all langs

If it makes sense to be able to predefine the title of a page using the subpage builder:

    - title: Galleries
      template: galleries
      num: 1

…then it makes sense to be able to do it in every language on a multilanguage site:

    - title:
        en: Galleries
        es: Galerías
      template: galleries
      num: 1

…otherwise, as long as page titles are used in the frontend, there is going to be the need to manually edit each page title ( Or use a workaround, like a hook, which can’t be used with the builder atm ).

Imho that goes against the usefulness of the builder: to drop complex and complete subpage structures with a single click, and need only to provide content for them.

In my case scenario the builder builds an ‘edition’ of a fair, creating subpages for exhibitors, activities, etc… that the admin will then fill with content.

Without the builder, old content should be deleted (manually?) to leave place for new content, or every edition subpage should be manually added by the admin.

It only makes sense to build the edition automatically, providing every title on every language, and letting the admin fill content, only needing to translate informations and descriptions that are specific to the edition.

Thank you.

I think a work around to this might be to put all your common titles in a shared drop dropdown and then pull these into your blueprints. You could setup a bunch of them in the site page for instance. That way you only have to edit them in one place. You could have one for each language.

Or you could do it with the select-a-structure plugin.

Thanks @jimbobrjames, but how/when would you suggest pulling these into blueprints ?

I don’t quite see how that would solve the problem with the title in different languages? Could you elaborate a bit more?

I still think that given the current options, your best bet is to create the whole page tree in a hook when the parent edition item is created.

If you don’t want to modify the core, that is.

Yep, that is what I am doing.

I understood from the original question that the problem is repeatedly typing in page titles in different languages, and seemed to me that the site sections are set in stone.

I was thinking you could set up these titles in mutliple drop downs for each language so they can picked rather then free typed, That would allow you to use a default dropdown value in the blue print instead of manually doing it.

But then you would need one dropdown per language, i.e. as many title fields as there are languages, which does not seem feasible nor very user friendly.

Not quite what i meant. I was thinking of storying these drop downs in the site options area and loading the appropriate one according to the current language in use - not loading all of them into the page edit page.

I know you can load a drop downs content from another page - can this be done on a language basis?

No, that is not possible. Maybe with some sort of custom field that picks the options on a per language basis, haven’t thought that through, too late.