Sublime3 red highlight on structure in blueprints

The symbol after entry: on structure field in blueprints, does create some annoying red highlight on Sublime Text 3:

I assume this is because it detects a closing tag where there is no opening,but how to avoid it?
Thank you

Well, i think Sublime is hackable… you can probably tweak the syntax highlighter to remove the color. :slight_smile: Not so much a fix, more a workaround.

@plagasul it’s not even a ST 3 issue and more an issue with the specific theme you’re running:
You can either use another theme or as @jimbobrjames suggested tweak it a bit and make a custom version :wink:

Thank you both, I’ll look into the theme.

Give Predawn a go… its one of the best themes, and its also available for Atom and VS Code.


Predawn works, but I do not really like it, I tend to use ST by day and prefer light themes, plus it does not seem to play well with the “a file icon” package which I really like to have.

I will look into tweaking a theme I like as you suggested.

Thanks again.

I personally use this :
And has a light version


the dev does not seem to want to support the theme for long on ST, tho:

I know but the theme works just fine.