Sublime video - whats going wrong?

I would like to employ the sublime video plugin however I do not get it to work.

This is my video tag:

Title: Rakete 2016
Video: (sublime: 1080p width: 531 height: 300 name: abc 2016 uid: 2016-abc)
Date: 05.07.2016

This is the corresponding folder.

Any hints?


ps. Other solutions (as here or here) do not work for me, since I don’t want to list all the available formats every time (why do I have a computer) or have the same code in every template.

What do you mean by “I do not get it to work”? Do you get any error messages (have you enabled debugging in your config.php)? Or what is the result?

Just nothing. This is the HTML output:

    <div class="title">
        <h1>Rocket 2016</h1>
    <div class="video">
    <div class="text">
        <p>some text</p>    </div>

Well, the tag was made for displaying Sublime videos from, so you would have needed to pass an ID. However, Sublime Video does not exist anymore, anyway, so the tag is now deprecated.

Maybe this tag by @jbeyerstedt is for you:

Am I so blind? I do not remember having a sublime ID included in any of my tags and I do not see any reference to sublimevideo in the source code.

Well, the tag is called sublime video in the first place, and the function (and also the tag) expects an id:

function sublime($id, $width = false, $height = false, $uid = false, $name = false, $class = false) {
  return kirbytag(array(
    'sublime' => $id,
    'width'   => $width,
    'height'  => $height,
    'uid'     => $uid,
    'name'    => $name,
    'class'   => $class

I think a hint like

at would be nice!

We are planning to delete the old plugins repo soon in favor of the plugin organization anyway. :slight_smile:

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May be you want to leave a hint in the root of this old place to the new repros… :smiley: :soccer:

Now I combined the new html5video plugin with the old sublimevideo.php code (from Kirby 1).
Here is the github fork repository.
It now works for me:

  • It automatically scans for video files
  • puts them into the source section
  • Dosent need parameters beside the (base) file name
  • HD and mobile versions are marked

I am just wondering why such a helpful plugin has not yet been ported long time ago…

Any hints for improvement are appreciated!