Structurefield with Radio-Buttons possible?

Hello all,
i have two questions belonging the structure field below:

  1. is it possible to have a structure-field with radio-buttons insead of toogles,
    so that only one of the entries could be true? (not like in the example)

  2. can i show the filename instead of the file icon in the collapsed state?


Yes, why not? Does it not work?

You can create a custom field view for the Structure field: Field previews | Kirby CMS

(1) if i add a radio-field with some options to the structure that works, but i would like to have some kind of radio-button for the entire group of audio-clips, so that only one clip can be the preview-clip, and if the editor decide to set another clip as the preview-clip, all others should be false.
i dont know how to set that up within a structure-field…

Something like that (photoshopped):

(2) thx for the hint. i will have a look for field-previews.