Structure field without modal

I’m wondering what the benefit of modals are for the structurefield. It’s certainly bringing the attention to the structure form but it has two huge drawbacks:

  • Can’t nest a structure field (because of the below)
  • Can’t use any field that requires modal

Would it be possible to move away from modals?

By doing this for instance:


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I’m just throwing ideas here but what I think would make for a much better experience with the structure field would be:

  • not using modals as suggested above
  • (optional) several form sets like the kirby builder field by @timoetting
  • (optional) snippets to display the strucure data in the panel like the snippetfield field by @jenstornell
  • (optional) support for tabs inside the structure entry form (as in the not working in 2.3 Structure Tab field)

Right now, it’s hard to pick features here and there as individual efforts to develop a “better” structure field have been undertaken in several places and none are compatible with each other. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a group of people working on the same field? :slight_smile:

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This has already been suggested several times here and on GitHub, search ACF.

Indeed! I’m sorry for the duplicate topic… Didn’t look enough before posting. Doesn’t seem like the issue on github is getting any feedback from the kirby team thouh

You can go ahead and delete this post if it feels redundant @texnixe. Sorry again.

Pls. continue discussion here or upvote on GitHub.

Never mind, but we should try to consolidate such suggestions, instead of scattering bits and pieces all over the forum. So I have closed this topic, and we can continue the discussion either in the other post I referenced or on GitHub.