Sortable Pages flipped?

Hi All,

In my Kirby 2 blueprints I used to be able to display the pages flipped in the panel, so that the most recent (highest number) was on top: sort: flip

Is there an equivalent in the new Kirby 3 panel system that I’m missing, or is this no longer possible?

I can use sortBy but then that removes the ability to manually rearrange them.

Well, manually sorting while displaying them in a given order is somehow mutually exclusive, isn’t it?

Sort of, and I get that generally it would be. I’m using date sorting wherever It makes sense for my content.

It seems that now the default position for the most recent subpage is 1 rather than the largest number, so, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something as I was porting things. Before I was displaying subpages flipped so that the most recent was at the top by default when a specific position wasn’t selected.

If you sort by default number, then that’s a bug, was changed in the nightly and will be in the next release.

hello there, i am running into the same issue. if i manually sort pages, i still would like to have the page with the highest number (the most recent) on top.
this is not possible right now. is there a fix?

I think currently you can only solve this with a custom section

thanks for the answer. so the bug (as you mentioned) wasn’t fixed?

is it planned to be fixed in the future? i am just asking, because creating a custom section seems to involve a lot of work for a basic function (i think i am using it in almost all the websites i have made with kirby) and if this being fixed soon, there is no need to get into the custom sections…

or maybe this isn’t even seen as something that needs to be fixed from the developer side?

The default position problem for pages that are about to be published has been fixed (that was the bug part). When you try to publish a page, it automatically suggest the next highest number instead of 1.

But displaying pages in reverse order is not a bug but an enhancement currently not supported. I don’t know if someone has actually opened an issue for this on the wishlist yet.

There is:

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sort: num desc seems to work as sort: flip did.

Sorry, I missed read.