Sort blueprints in templates menu by number prefix

This may be a bit obsessive, but I’d like to sort blueprints without (affecting content txt file names) in the Add page -> Templates dropdown. I think I could use alphabetic prefixes, but the regular numbering system used for pages would be the “feels right” solution here. This way all the files in the content wouldn’t have to be something like a-blogpost.txt and b-page.txt. So in /blueprints there would be 1-blogpost.php and in content just blogpost.txt.

I have blueprints setup something like this and in this order:

blog.php: Blog - Index
default.php: Page - Default
post.php: Blog - Post
text.php: Page - Plain text

It would be just a tad clearer to site authors if I could sort those manually to have them grouped.

Not very major, but there you go. :smile:

As somewhat of a work around: add the pages in your parent page or site blueprint under the pages templates option in the order you want.

Thanks That’s actually not bad. :smile:

To get a global effect, I ended up naming the related templates with a common prefix, like so:

blog-index.php: Blog - Index
blog-post.php: Blog - Post
default.php: Page - Default
page-form.php: Page - Plain text
page-text.php: Page - Plain text

Groups them, but still in alphabetical order inside groups.