Snippets as a Storage, use it many times with variants in the same template

i will store in one snippet file more of 5 variants of an divider-hr-code-snippet.
and then i can be use the include-syntax with an option to choose one of the variants.

<?php snippet('divider', ['zickzack']) ?>

how can i solve this?

You can pass a variable through to the snippet, such as setting a class. See here.

Might be better to create a Kirby Tag in your case, becuase it will be easier to use it inside text areas in the panel.

In what way do your 5 variants differ?

its a dividier with an image. it is a various line. tick zack, curved, dashed,…

If you have differing html, you would need different snippets, unless you use if statements/switch syntax that depend on a variable you pass to the snippet:

switch ($lineType) {
    case 'zigzag':
        $url = url('assets/images/zigzag.svg');
    case 'curved':
        $url = url('assets/images/curved.svg');
    case 'dashed':
         $url = url('assets/images/dashed.svg');
        $url = url('assets/images/straight.svg'); // default line if value does not exist

<img src"<?= $url ?>" alt="">

Snippet call:

<?php snippet('divider', ['lineType' => 'zigzag']) ?>

very nice. thats it!
thanks a lot.