Site was working fine, am now getting Fatal error

I made this site for a client a couple of months back and it’s been working fine for awhile now, I believe but I checked it out today and it is now giving a fatal error.

What gives? I know the solution is bumping up the memory size allocation but why did it give a fatal error out of nowhere? and would the same issue just come up if I bump it up even more?

Or is this something on their side that they changed the amount of memory allocated to it?

This is the full error:

# **Fatal error** : Out of memory (allocated 2097152) (tried to allocate 32768 bytes) in  **/nfs/c01/h03/mnt/35661/domains/** on line  **1158**

**Fatal error** : Out of memory (allocated 2097152) (tried to allocate 32768 bytes) in  **/nfs/c01/h03/mnt/35661/domains/** on line  **1**

EDIT: This has to have happened recently. I showed this site off about two weeks ago and it was working fine! Please help :frowning:

Difficult to say. Could you copy the template code of that page, so we see what’s done there? First assumption would be images/thumb generation as a potential source for the issue.

Hi, apologies for the late response. Was at work. Here is the template code for the homepage:

<?php snippet('header') ?>
  <main class="main" role="main">
    <header class="wrap">
      <div class="intro text">
        <?= $page->title()->kirbytext() ?> </h1>
        <?= $page->intro()->kirbytext() ?>
    <div class="img-wrap">
      <?php $num = 1; foreach($page->children()->visible() as $item): ?>
      <div id=<?php echo 'place'.$num ?> class="template">
        <div class="number"> <?php echo $num ?></div>
         <a href=<?php echo $item ?>>
        <?php if($item->object()->isNotEmpty()): ?>

         <?php echo $item->object()->toFile(); ?>

        <?php else: ?>
        <?php endif ?>

        <div class="desc_wrap">
          <h2 id="desc"> <?php echo $item->title()?></h2>
        <?php $num++ ?>
      <?php endforeach ?>



<?php snippet('footer') ?>

Hm, from the error message, the error is thrown in the Parsedown.php file, so maybe there is something strange in the text fields?

Text field on the panel side? The only thing sort of strange is that I had to write < br > elements in certain fields to create line breaks because some of the content was being inserted as a string using javascript. Along with that, I had to make sure to use curly quotes for quotations instead of straight quotes.

Are these accumulating and taking up memory?

I’ve also e-mailed the organization so hopefully they might have more insight or might have changed something because the site was working fine until just recently.

It looks like the error is thrown right at the beginning of the page where you call <?= $page->title()->kirbytext(), so even before it goes into the loop. I’d start debugging there.