Showing content based on the current week

Hey mates!
I have a problem that I don’t know how to implement/which tools to use to make this happen. Since I’m using Kirby, I just thought I’d ask here and maybe get lucky. So here’s what I need to do:

I need to implement a way to show the week days and dates, with specific content for each day. (The content is a restaurant plate of the day). The content is based on twelve weeks, on a rotation cycle. Basically, week 1 is five different menus (1 per day), week 2 the same, … Then at week 13 it starts over again. I need to implement this in a way so that it is possible to make a few changes for specific days once in a while (and those changes disappearing next round in the cycle (13 weeks later).

I hope I’m being somewhat clear, and apologise if this is a noobish question/not the right place for it. I have never had to have changing content based on the week before (without using easy wordpress plugins). I would greatly appreciate any type of answer, any tips, guidance or google advice would be great!