Show the content of a nested builder from different templates on another page as Actuality

Hello, I’m trying to do a Actuality page without using dates fields (for me it’s still too difficult to deal with dates as some courses are duration with a lot of exceptions).
So I made a course field in a nested builder, and the user enter the dates and the exceptions in plain text. The courses snippet appears in two templates. And I want to render those courses in another page call “Actuality” only if the user indicates they are actualities (I’m thinking by toggle or by tags).
I have no clue how to do that, I read the cookbook on collection, and my php is still incertain.
Can you please explain me how I should proceed, is the toggle or tags option a solution or should I move to dates, should I use collections…? I’m stuck and confuse, thank you in advance for your help

I don’t think this is a good idea, because in that case, users would have to come back and update those fields in time when the course is over. Working with dates is the better option for time-based content.

Why do you need dates and exceptions? IMO, exceptions only make sense for events that take place regularly, like daily, weekly, monthly etc. during a given time period. Then you need exceptions for public holidays etc.

Thanks @texnixe, I will give me soon the chance to learn dates in nested builder (I’m a little scare though…)
For example a course longs for 10 months, every mondays and thursday, except some mondays and thursday here and there. Should the user enter each days as date, or is more appropriate to enter beginning and end dates minus exceptions? And then how to render only mondays and thursdays. Thoses are my first inetrrogations…

That’s at least how I did it in a project in the past.

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