Show (Files-)View in Overlay/Drawer ? Possible? How?

Good Morning,

as our backend users constantly get confused when navigating to a file i am wondering if there is a way to open this view in an overlay or drawer, where the users see the original page in the backgrand (behind a backdrop) and can simply close the Overlay after editing file details (e.g. focus point) and then go back to containing page.

Could you probably give me some keywords to search for or probably a piece of code where something similar has been done already?

Update: thinking about that further: i basically would like to edit files in a dialog rather than on their own files page.

Thanks in advance, Thomas E.-E.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but think this would mean extending the files field/files section so that when you click on a file, it would open a dialog/drawer with the form (instead of going to the file view).