Shorter way to add internal links than Kirbytags

Hi, I want to use Kirby as a personal wiki. So I don’t need registration, version control, etc. Now I use just kirbytag like this. (link: some/page text: text)

But it’s a bit of a hassle. How can I make it more comfortable like MediaWiki or DokuWiki? Does anybody know how to do that?

Could you please be more specific what you mean?

Thanks for reply.

I mean… in the MediaWiki or DokuWiki, users can create a internal link with double square brackets, [[like this]] .

I’m looking for an easy way (or Kirbytag plug-in) to connect specific text and pages instead of (link: some/page text: text).

No, you can either use the link kirbytag or standard Markdown links. However, with the SimpleMDE plugin, adding page links becomes a lot easier.

Is this all you wanted to know? Your topic title is a bit irritating?

Almost right. It seems useful…! Thanks, and I’ll find out more through the method.

If you want the double square brackets, you could use a Kirbytext filters to achieve something similar.

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