Sharpen Thumbnail


i wonder if there is away to sharpen thumbnails?
I know its currently not build in, but it would be nice to also adjust the sharpness.
Maybe a feature for Kirby 3?


You can create your own thumbs driver.

All you would have to do is make a copy of the im driver and add the sharpen option…

Oh yeah. That does not came into my mind.
Will it break when i update to Kirby 3.0?

Are we talking about this file /kirby/vendor/getkirby/toolkit/lib/thumb.php?

thumb::$drivers['im'] = function($thumb) {

Thank you!

Check out the docs how to create a custom thumb driver and where to put it:

And yes, those are the drivers.

Updating to Kirby 3 will not be a simple replacement of the Kirby folder, anyway. There will be breaking changes in more than one respect.

I’ll check that out.