Settings in Licensed Version

I am curious to know which settings become available in the licensed version of Kirby? Features?

The features are the same. There is no such thing as a free license (except for special exceptions). You have to have a license per domain if you use Kirby on a public server. See the license conditions. You are free to test Kirby in a local dev environment for as long as you want to check if it fits your needs.

I didn’t say anything about a free license. I asked what settings become available in the licensed version. Clicking on the settings link simply states Kirby

    This is an unregistered demo of Kirby    Version 3.3.0

What is presented upon clicking the same link once a license is purchased?

As I said, there are no other features. The settings page has the language settings if you enable languages in the config, apart from that, the settings page doesn’t do anything.

Ok. Just making sure there wasn’t some customization availability in there.

No, you can override all of Kirby’s default views with your own, but there is nothing hidden there.

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Since you were curious:

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